How to Choose Domain Names

Before one sets up a website, one needs to register a domain and come up with a domain name. This is not just an arbitrary exercise. Selecting a domain name should be a well thought out process because it has far-reaching significance. What is the importance of a good domain name?


Importance of Domain Names

Firstly, your domain represents your brand. It is the first thing people see, even before they get to your actual website. It can be thought of as the first impression that you make to your audience. It sets the tone for the site and content you hope to deliver.

A domain name is also instrumental in giving information or stirring interest. This can be helpful in driving traffic to your site. Imagine seeing a domain name like ‘’, what would you do? Yes, I’d click it too.

Having a domain also helps to establish one’s credibility. Particularly when it comes to sites that are involved in E-commerce or some other types of transaction, visitors are a bit sceptical of generic domains. A bank with the domain name, ‘’’ may find it exceptionally difficult to create new business.


What to Consider When Coming Up With a Domain Name

The process of choosing a domain name can be difficult and time-consuming. However, by employing a checklist of what you want to achieve, the task becomes clearer.

  • Easy and unforgettable: There is no need to over think things. As already mentioned, your domain represents the brand. Look for something that is short and easy to spell as well as pronounce.
  • Keywords: If possible think about using words that describe what the site is about. If you are starting a shoe repair site, you could go with: ‘’’’
  • Avoid Duplicating: Take time to do some research and find out if there are any similar names or sites already registered.
  • Appropriate TLD: The top level domain you choose has to go hand in hand with what your site is about. Find out which one is the right fit for you, for example, ‘.com, .edu or .net’’
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers: Hyphenated domain names and numbers are bad for brand awareness and positioning since it’s difficult to say them without actually spelling or writing them down. An example is ‘’’

Your domain name is crucial in building your brand. It also has a big part to play in determining the direction in which your business is going to grow. As a result choosing the name should be a well calculate move that yields dividends.

If in doubt, a great option is to purchase a number of domain names and park them for a rainy day. A good domain name choice is easily picked up by search engines, shows credibility and attracts backlinks to your site. It can thus be seen that the domain name you settle on has a direct relation to the profitability and reputation of your brand.