Hosting WordPress Website At Home


When considering hosting options for a WordPress site one can either work remotely or host it locally. Remote hosting can be done by making use of the many hosting sites such as Hostgator and GoDaddy. These sites do have some challenges such as unplanned downtimes, site suspensions and variable server speeds. To avoid these issues, which can negatively impact on your traffic, you may opt to host your own WordPress website from home.

Advantages of Hosting Your Website at home

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to host your WordPress website at home. Most of these have to do with the autonomy and freedom that you enjoy. There are no lengthy terms and conditions to go through. With the appropriate infrastructure, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cost effective: Hosting your own site means you don’t have to pay any regular membership fees. You usually just have an upfront cost for the equipment and the rest are regular bills like electricity and internet, which you would pay either way.
  • Greater Peace of Mind: Customers of website hosting services often complain about poor customer service and a lack of support. However, when you host your site from home, you don’t have to depend on other people fixing problems such as server outages.
  • Autonomy and Control: Since you are in charge of all your hardware, applications and internet, you do not adhere to policies and procedures set out by website hosting companies.
  • Security and Confidentiality: Specifically in the case of small businesses, hosting your own WordPress website can be quite fulfilling as you don’t have to hand over the management of confidential and financially sensitive information to someone else.

Disadvantage of Hosting Your Website from Home

As great as the idea sounds, there are some drawbacks that come with hosting your website from Home. These are some of the issues that one would be prepared to face:

  • Technical expertise and up-skilling: While the process of installing and publishing your website at home may be straightforward, if technical issues to do with coding or actual programming arise, they may fall beyond the scope of the user.
  • Capital constraints: It may be difficult for an individual at home to invest in high level encryption systems and other expensive infrastructure. Companies are able to do this because their costs are spread across many customers.
  • Manpower: The various tasks that are required to maintain a server and host your website are numerous and varied. They span from physically servicing the server to content creation and management. This may be a lot for one person to manage.

There are clear benefits and setbacks with hosting your WordPress website from home. The choice is dependent on the capacity of the person. If you have the necessary skills and time, hosting at home can be a cost effective way of going about things. The threat of things falling apart is always present though. Some ISPs do not allow hosting of websites at home so check your internet service provider’s terms and conditions.

You can observe how easy it is to host your WordPress website at home. Do it today!

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